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our First Global Campaign about Global Challenges of 21st century and World Peace from 2012 – 2013
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first campaign was launched 20.January 2012
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We regroup Teams and Partners for the second Global campaign about Sustainability and World Peace
goal 100 million views per month worldwide and 1 million fans
Launch Q2, 2014 – BE part of it, YOU all MATTER !!!
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Champion for Climate Change

Our Champion about Climate Change, Antarctica 2041 Mission and Friend
Robert Swan, O.B.E., is a polar explorer, an environmental leader and the first person ever to walk to both the North and South poles.
Robert Swan has dedicated his life to the preservation of the Antarctic wilderness and promoting recycling, renewable energy and sustainability to combat the effects of global warming

‘Breath of Life’ is a strikingly beautiful Film, A Masterpiece!
Seen through the eyes of some of the world’s leading evolutionary biologists, futurists and thinkers, the fate of civilization, and how it is being formed via the structure of the human mind is eloquently expressed.
It combines indigenous peoples wisdom with the emerging science of environmental psychology.

Some of Our Friends, Partners & Projects worldwide



BEYOND RIGHT & WRONG (film project)

We are delighted to be a partner of Beyond Right and Wrong and are keen now to get the film widely viewed and discussed on our World Leaders Forum and Festival

On September 13, 2012, Beyond Right and Wrong was invited to screen before the 66th General Assembly of the United Nations. The film helped introduce a new resolution on reconciliation and forgiveness. — at the UNITED NATION


At the UNITED NATION Trailer #1

Beyond Right & Wrong (documentary) Trailer #2


Enzo di Taranto

Ms. Balve is a visionary leader who understands the strategic inter-linkages between peace, human rights, public-private partnerships and sustainable development. She is also an outstanding networker and an effective manager who knows how to get things done. A powerful combination of competencies, indeed!

Enzo di Taranto
Former Campaign Manager - Secretary-General's UNiTE Campaign at United Nations
Global/Multimedia Campaigns, Governance, PPP Complex Management & Vice President for Strategic Partnership and World Affairs at World Leaders Forum Dubai

Paul (PK) Holmes

Sabine is a true force of dedication and vision with tireless energy to see her global initiatives for Change and Advocacy become reality. It is and has been a pleasure to collaborate with Sabine on her World Leaders Forum-Dubai initiative and to be part of bringing real change and opportunity to all humanity in the very near future.

Paul (PK) Holmes
LA Olympics Design Advisor
Managing director at FEPA Group
Vancouver Organizing Committee for the
2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
& Advisory Board at World Leaders Forum Dubai

Robson Mello

Sabine's vision is a perfect example of promoting and implementing sustainability and green initiatives. I'm very impressed with her professionalism and work ethics.

Robson Mello
Secretary-General, Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization (IREO) IREO has de facto status within the UN and the globally. Its Multilateral Treaty is submitted for registration under Article 102 of the United Nations Charter. IREO has submitted a petition for inclusion as an Intergovernmental Observer to the UN.

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