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our First Global Campaign about Global Challenges of 21st century and World Peace from 2012 – 2013
outreach to 52.312.757 Friends of Fans
Peak time views 10 million per months from 119 countries
100.000 Fans from all over the World
first campaign was launched 20.January 2012
as an outcome of the World Energy Conference in Dubai, October 2012
5.645 Tweets 1.998 Following 1194 Followers
30 Boards 2.608 Pins 1.579 Likes 688 Pinterest Followers 455 Following
6.600 views on Google
8.226 LINKED-IN inbox messages
2.800 Global Endorsements
3.126 Pinterest notifications
4.700 Twitter notification
24.230 Emails from all over the world
19.840 volunteer hours of the founder to make this happen
One person can make a difference
We regroup Teams and Partners for the second Global campaign about Sustainability and World Peace
goal 100 million views per month worldwide and 1 million fans
2nd Global Launch coming soon – BE part of it, YOU all MATTER !!!
lets make this world a better place together thank you!

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Recognized by UNITED NATION, World Urban Campaign as creative Urban Solution “the City we need in 2050”

Global Citizen Club by World Leaders Forum Dubai


Please join our Global “Citizen Club “Ponte del Mondo” Cross Cultural Friendship -Club building bridges to the World between East and West “Ponte del Mondo” is italian and means “World Bridge.”

We want to build friendships around the globe and encourage intercultural dialogs, as ONE #Human Society, Global #Citizen to learn about the beauty of each #culture, #nation and #ethnic backgrounds  .. (◡‿◡✿)
This group is a NEW set up of the World Leaders Forum Dubai – Annual Meetings Membership club, where we will encourage intercultural dialogs, we start online and use the #INTERNET #CONNECTIVITY to build lots of friendships bridges … and we hope to welcome you all soon as well in #UAE and #Dubai, its our pleasure to be your host then! — celebrating friendship in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.



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